Benefit String Furniture For Your Home

he best way to transform an interior space is by furnishing it appropriately and changing things up every so often. String furniture pieces can amplify and convert just about any area. The classic and timeless pieces remain a homeowner’s favorite because they are the most functional units.

Nils Strinning came up with the String System back in 1949, and the units are still manufactured in Sweden. The modulable shelving system comprises of several components accompanied by classic wire panels allowing for unlimited combinations. The String furniture take a DIY approach with the option of buying ready-made pieces that only require installation or the possibility coming up with customized pieces using the company’s iPad app.

Currently, String Furniture retail in over 44 countries the world over, and the brand continually release new pieces. The question still stands, are String Furniture pieces worth the cost or should you get rid of them?

A Brief History

Nils Strinning came up with a solution for drying dishes by developing the dish rack as we know it using plastic-coated steel wires. It soon became dubbed the Elfa Dish Rack, and it paved the way for the development of the String System.

String won the 1949 Bonnier’s bookshelf competition beating other 194 entries. In 1950, the company successfully fulfilled their first order by supplying a newly built office building in New York. String Plex came up three years later as a standalone string shelf. Nils never quite liked the product.

In 1961, String managed to patent their shelf following numerous court cases for plagiarism. They then launched String Continent as well as a new storage concept dubbed the Tingoeke which never became a hit. In 1979, String received the honor of becoming incorporated into the Swedish National Museum’s Design Collection.

String Furniture as we know it launched in 2004 after purchasing the String brand as well as the rights to produce the famous shelving system. They further released the shelving units in white, walnut, solid black, and oak color choices.

What Type Of Furniture Does String Produce?

The Spring features a simple, dainty construction with slender side panels developed with the aim of infusing function and aesthetic. They also pack thin making them affordable to transport, and they do not require complicated assembly. Best still is their varying depth which makes them easy to combine to create different shelving units.

One of the other aspects that consumers appreciate is the fact that the units can install over large or small wall surface areas. The colored threads, clean-limbs, and slim ladder design make them fit right into any space you please. Their ingenuity and flexibility make them a favorite for homes that need extra shelving units.

The company collaborated with Anna von Schewen and Bjorn Dahlstrom to come up with a folding table in 2013. Its success led to another collaboration which gave birth to the range of String office works. The contemporary collection includes height-adjustable desks, filing cabinets, and storage units.

String + offers a variety of functional accessories that work in hand with the String System. They include organizers, hooks, wall grids, magazine holders, and hanging rods.

Why String Furniture?

We all have a need and vision for having the most functional and aesthetically pleasing storage systems at home. It is easy for clutter to overrun our homes and the String modulable shelving systems offer a solution to keep things in check.

One of the most significant benefits of the String System is the ability it offers to start small and use add-on modules to suit your changing needs. In essence, you choose the number of modules you need, their format, and layout to create your desired storage unit. It suits small bathrooms and kitchens while evolving with changes down the line. They end up being space savers with some taking on a floating shelve design or hanging over doors. You also have the liberty to set them in some of the unconventional storage spaces such as the bottom of the staircase.

The other great thing about the String System is the ability to get it in your preferred color and finish. They also come in a vast range of constructions including lacquered wood surfaces, veneer, oil-treated wood, linoleum, laminate, Plexiglas, powder-coated steel, felt textile, mirrored glass, abs plastic, and leather.

String-based furniture does not come with demanding care and maintenance requirements. Most require just a surface wipe down using a clean cloth, using underlays with hot items, and inspecting the brackets regularly to tighten loose screws. The shelving panels also come with a decent load limit to accommodate diverse items that you need to be stored on them. It does depend on the size of the particular panel and its construction, and all this information is freely available on their website and downloadable product catalogs.

Reservations About The String System

The String System currently sells in about 44 countries through their website and resellers. While the modular shelving pieces are considerably affordable compared to planned furniture, it can all add up depending on shipping and customs costs. The overall value of your desired shelving unit can also end up being quite costly depending on the size and accessories you need for full assembly.

There is also always the possibility of getting ill-suited panels for your available space. The units come in pre-set sizes, and they might prove too small or perhaps even too large for the area you intend to install them. Also, they can handle a decent load amount but cannot withstand the strain from substantially heavier loads. Their installation might also require some screwing into the wall, which is something most renters cannot do.

With replicas and alternatives available, most people might be tempted to go for those over the original pieces. It comes to a matter of preferences and just how much you have to spare on the shelving pieces.

To sum it up, String suits anyone who is looking for modular furniture which offers the flexibility to evolve with their changing needs. Cost aside; they prove to be worthwhile investments for the home or office space with a demand for better storage.